Weighted Grading in Canvas Courses

In Canvas courses, final grades can be weighted by organizing assignments into groups and then designating a percentage to indicate the weight of each assignment group within the final grade calculation. 

Creating Assignment Groups

  1. To create a new assignment group, first open Assignments.
  2. Click the +Group button to create a new assignment group. 
  3. Enter a name for the new assignment group.Screenshot_2023-01-30_at_4.49.43_PM.png

Keep in mind that you may have existing assignment groups. Assignments can be moved to different groups by clicking them and dragging them up or down to a new group. 


Once you have all of your assignment groups finalized, you're ready to set up weighted grading.

Establishing Weighted Grading

  1. From Assignments, click the three-dot button and select Assignment Groups Weight.
  2. Select the checkbox to enable Weight final grade based on assignment groups
  3. Your assignment groups will now display with corresponding fields for percentages. Enter your preferred percentage for each group and click Save
  4. Confirm that the percentage displayed for each assignment group is correct. 

The final grade in the course will now be weighted according to the percentages you specified.