Providing Feedback in SpeedGrader

SpeedGrader is a robust interface that allows you to provide feedback on assignments in a number of ways. SpeedGrader can be accessed from an assignment or via the gradebook.

Assignment Comments

Assignment comments can be made in the following modalities:

Written Feedback

Speech Recognition

Media Comment

File Attachment

Annotated Feedback

Written Feedback

Type a comment into the Add a Comment text field and click Submit to make the comment available to the student.



Comments you've added will be visible after you submit them.


SpeedGrader features a Comment Library for comments you tend to reuse. To manage the comment library, and add a new comment, click the Comment Library button. 


To add a comment to the Comment Library, type the comment in the text field and click Add to Library. Comments you've added will appear at the top of the Comment Library. 


By default, comments from your Comment Library will be suggested as you begin to type them. Comment_Suggestion.png

Speech Recognition

Rather than typing comments, you can create assignment comments via speech-to-text. Click the Speech Recognition to record a comment. Your spoken comment will populate as text in the Add a Comment field. 


NB: You may be prompted to grant permissions to allow your browser access to your microphone. 

Media Comment

Another alternative to typing comments is recording a video response. Click Media Comment to record a video response. 

Record your response, add a file name, and click Save Media to add your comment. NB: This feature is contingent on browser compatibility and works best in Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome.


Captions can be added to your video by clicking the CC button in the player when viewing the comment.


These captions will not suffice for students with an accommodation requiring professional, human captioning. For help with adding captions to these comments, please reach out to the help desk:

File Attachment

If you prefer to work outside of SpeedGrader, you can download the submission file, annotate it in an external tool, and attach your edited version as a comment.

First, download the submission file. 


Open the file in the application in which you want to add annotations. Once done annotating, save the file. You may want to rename it to indicate it's the annotated version.

Return to SpeedGrader and click File Attachment


Select the file you saved with annotations. You'll now see your uploaded file as a comment. 


Annotated Feedback

If you'd like to use the annotation tools in DocViewer within SpeedGrader, please see the guidance posted in the Canvas Community.