Canvas Grade Posting Policy

In the Canvas gradebook, you can choose between two grade posting policies:

  1. Automatic. Grades are immediately available to students once they are entered. Students are notified of any comments or annotations made in real-time as you post them (regardless of clicking Submit for grade submission).
  2. Manual. Grades, comments, and annotations are all unavailable to students until manually posted. 

Posting Policy for All Assignments

The grade posting policy can be set as a default for all assignments in the course. Within the gradebook, click the gear icon to open Settings. 


Click Grade Posting Policy.


By default, Automatically Post Grades is selected. To change this, click the radio button for Manually Post Grades and then Apply Settings.


This will enforce a manual grade posting policy for each assignment in the course. To post grades for each assignment, click the three-dot button in the gradebook column for an assignment, and then Post Grades.

The Visibility icon (an eye with a strikethrough line) will indicate that there are grades within the assignment that cannot be seen by students until they are posted.


The grades for this assignment will now be available to students. 

Posting Policy for Individual Assignments

The grade posting policy can also be adjusted per assignment. If, for instance, you'd like to retain the automatic posting policy for the entirety of the course, except one assignment, this can be accomplished by first clicking the three-dot button in the gradebook column for the particular assignment.  

Select Grade Posting Policy from the menu.

Click the radio button for Manually and then Save.


Manual Posting Policy with Module Requirements or Prerequisites

If you set a manual posting policy for an assignment that is associated with a module requirement or prerequisite, the action triggered will only occur once grades are manually posted. 

For instance, if a requirement is set for a module wherein students must score 90% or above on a homework assignment to view homework solutions, and the homework assignment is set for a manual grading policy, the conditional release of the solutions will occur only after the manual grades are posted.  

If you'd like support with your grade posting policy, please reach out to the help desk:

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