Requesting Professional Captions for a Student Accommodation

Instructors will be notified each semester by Student Disability Services when a student in their course requires certain accommodations. At times, these accommodations include professional captioning on recorded Zoom Office Hours. If you have an active caption accommodation for a course you are teaching and have not been contacted by a CLDT staff member to coordinate captioning/training for requesting captions please reach out to and we will get back to you as soon as possible to ensure everything is in place for your course.

Configuring Up Your Zoom Meeting

In order to provide captioning for your office hours recordings, the meetings should be scheduled under your WSE Zoom account, and the meeting will need to be created/edit to include the following settings:

  1. Add the following “user” as an Alternative Host to your Zoom meeting settings kalturaupload (
  2. Record to the cloud, see Recording and Sharing Lectures for WSE Courses for additional information on recording office hours.

These two steps will ensure your recordings will be processed and sent to Kaltura, where they can be captioned. 

Requesting Professional Captions

Once you have recorded your office hours, and your recording has been processed by Zoom and Kaltura, you can then request professional captions. The following instructions will guide you through the request process.

  1. Log into your Canvas course site and click on My Media from the course menu.Kaltura My Media
  2. My Media will display the videos and recordings that you are listed as the owner. Use the Search My Media field or the Filters to find your office hour recording. Note: By default, videos are listed in descending order (newest one on top).
  3. Once you have located your recording, click on the title of the video.
    video title in my media
  4. Scroll past the auto transcription to the details area for the recording. On the right, select Actions. Then in the drop-down menu select Caption & Enrich.
    caption and enrich option
  5. In the Caption & Enrich area, you will see the existing captions for the recording. Auto captions will appear here, listed as Machine. To request professional captions, select the +Order button on the right. A new section will appear below the list of existing captions. order interface
  6. In the Order Captions & Enrichment Services area make sure to select the following:
    • Service: Professional
    • Turnaround Time: 24 hours
    • Other drop-down options can be left as the default. caption ordering screen example
  7. Once the fields are correctly selected, click Submit.

Once the captions are completed (~24 hours) you can now post your recordings to your course site. If you need guidance on how to post your recordings, see Add Zoom Meeting Recordings to Canvas.