Using Admin Analytics in Canvas

Users who have Administrator access to program sub-accounts in Canvas can use the Admin Analytics tool to review reports showing usage data about the users and courses within that sub-account. The tool includes three dashboards, which display a variety of information about student and teacher engagement, grade statistics, and alerts for low student activity. This information can be filtered by program, course, and faculty. For more detailed information about using Admin Analytics, review the Canvas guide How do I use Admin Analytics.

Please note that Admin access is reserved for IT administrators, course designers, and program managers/administrators.

Accessing Admin Analytics

  1. Login to with your JHED account.
  2. If you are an Administrator for any sub-accounts, you will see them listed under the Admin menu, on your global Canvas menu. If you do not have an Admin menu and believe you should have access for your role, please email for additional assistance.

  3. After clicking into the account you want to review the analytics for, you will see the Admin menu. Select Analytics (New) from this menu.

    Note: The only areas you should ever access on this menu are Courses, People, Analytics (New), and Settings > Reports. Accessing and making changes in any other areas will result in your admin rights being revoked.

  4. In the Analytics Dashboard, you can use the filters to adjust the reports and review specific data.

  5. You can also download the data to a PDF or CSV file for easy sharing with relevant stakeholders.

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