Captioning and Live Transcription at Whiting School of Engineering

Johns Hopkins Engineering is committed to accessibility. All course video, including live presentations, should be accurately captioned to provide the best experience for our students. 

Faculty members are responsible for ensuring captions are accurate and accessible to students. 

The CLDT has a wealth of resources for creating accessible recordings. See the guidance below to determine the most appropriate method(s) for your courses.

Captions for Live Presentations

Transcription can be added to live presentations made via virtual meeting platforms like Zoom and Microsoft Teams. If you'd like to enable live transcription for a presentation delivered using one of these tools or services, please see our article: Live Transcription for Meetings

Teaching with Zoom Rooms in a studio on campus? Check out "Live Transcription with Zoom Rooms."

Presentations made with a PowerPoint slideshow can include live transcription as well. Our article, "Recording and Captioning PowerPoint Presentations" illustrates how to enable this feature.


Live transcription can also be enabled for virtual events. Real-time, human transcription (CART) services can be used for large events. For more information about including CART services within a large event, please email  

Editing Captions

Captions for existing recordings should be reviewed by faculty members and, if necessary, edited for accuracy. The caption editing process may differ based on faculty appointment and course division. 

Homewood Courses

To edit captions for recordings within Panopto, follow the steps outlined in ”Editing Panopto Captions.”

EP Courses

To edit captions associated with existing recordings, follow the steps outlined in ”Requesting and Editing Audio Transcripts of Recordings.” 

Captions for Student Accommodations

If a student has an accommodation requiring professional, human captioning, both existing recordings and live presentations—such as office hours or synchronous lectures—will need to be captioned by a professional captioning service. 

Our article, "Requesting Professional Captions for a Student Accommodation," outlines the steps necessary to produce accessible video content.  

No matter how your course content is delivered, we're here to help. If you have questions about creating or editing captions, please email



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