Canvas File Storage for Students

All Canvas users have a personal file storage area. Files you add to a Canvas course are aggregated in this repository. Though files can also be added directly to the personal file storage area, it isn't intended as a long-term storage location. 

Viewing Your Personal File Storage

To view your personal files in Canvas, click Account in the global navigation menu. Then, click Files


Files can be managed within the personal file storage area. You can also view the percentage of your file quota that is currently used. For more information on managing your file storage, check out this Canvas Community article

Storage Quota

Personal file storage in Canvas is set to a default limit of 262 MB. However, not all files students add to courses count towards this quota.

To avoid maxing out your file storage, it's important to understand which files you add to courses count towards your quota. It can also be helpful to host large files in other, cloud-based locations and share them via links within Canvas. 

Files Counted in Storage Quota

  • Files uploaded directly to ungraded assignments.
  • Files attached to ungraded discussions.
  • Files uploaded directly to your personal file storage area.
  • Files attached to Inbox messages.

Files Not Counted in Storage Quota

  • Files included in submissions for a graded assignment.
  • Files attached to graded discussions*.

*Files must be added to the discussion using the Attach button to avoid being counted in the storage quota.


Strategies for Sharing Files

To share large files, or files that are not associated with graded assignments, the file can be hosted in a cloud-based location and shared in Canvas with a link or by embedding. 

Hosting and Sharing Files via OneDrive

Large files can be stored on OneDrive and shared via a link. To ensure those with whom you share the file are able to access it, you'll need to generate a Share link with appropriate permissions. 

See Microsoft's guidance for sharing OneDrive files for more information about sharing permissions. 

Hosting and Sharing Video Files  

Video files can be hosted in Kaltura and shared by embedding them on a page or discussion reply. Guidance can be found in our article: Recording and Uploading Videos For Your Class (Student Guide).

If you have any questions about personal file storage or sharing files within your Canvas courses, please reach out to