How to Use Hackerman 320

Hackerman 320 is a classroom located in Hackerman Hall on the Homewood campus. It was renovated in Summer 2019. Below is information that may be useful in using room 320. Note that for EP faculty, you can direct your questions to Non-engineering faculty should direct their questions to KITCATS

1. When you enter the classroom, you will see a podium 


2. On the room controller, select the mode


a. Select Classroom Mode if you are holding a face-to-face class or a meeting without remote participants.

b. Select WSE Zoom Room Mode if you are holding a synchronous online class or a meeting with remote participants. 

Note: Virtual Live instructors should select WSE Zoom Room Mode

3. For Zoom Rooms Mode: Select your camera and Podium PC, and then tap Flip to Zoom PC


a. Rear Camera: the camera at the back of the classroom. By default it is focused on the speaker at the podium. You can control the camera with the remote control on the podium.
Note: Preset 1 is a wide view, Preset 2 is a mid view of interactive touch display and podium, and Preset 3 is a close up of instructor at podium.

Front Camera: the camera in the front corner of the classroom. By default it is a wide shot of the whole classroom. You can control the camera with the room control tablet on the podium.

b. Input selection: This controls the input that you can share content through. For most instructors, please use the Podium PC.

c. Go to Zoom Rooms or Exit: This allows you to go to the Zoom Rooms launch panel or exit to the main screen. 

4. After you click Flip to Zoom PC, you will see the Zoom panel. Click on "Join" and enter your zoom meeting id


Note: You can also click "Meet Now" and use the meeting information for Hackerman 320. However, you will need to share this info with any remote participants.

Hackerman 320 Zoom Info

Meeting ID: 723 249 6473

Optional Dial-In:
+1 646 558 8656

5. Once you've joined your Zoom meeting, you have several controls


a. You can Mute the classroom microphone so remote participants cannot hear the room audio.

b. You can turn off the camera so that remote participants cannot see video from the room.

c. You can share content -- either the Podium PC or a mobile device or laptop.

d. You can switch the layout/display of remote participants on the rear right display.

e. This does not work in Hackerman 320. You must control the camera with the remote control.

f. You can view and manage the participants in your meeting.

g. You can invite people or groups of people to your meeting, either via email, phone, or through Zoom directly.

h. You can start or stop a recording of your meeting. Meeting recordings go to your Zoom cloud account automatically. 

i. You can leave or end the meeting.

j. You can control the volume of the incoming audio (e.g., volume of remote participant speech or video played in meeting).


More info on using Zoom Rooms:

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