How to Change the Author’s Name in Discussion Boards

When a course from a previous semester is imported or copied into another course site in Blackboard, users have the option to either keep only the discussion forums or to import the starting post for each thread within the discussion forums. If users choose to import the starting posts, those posts are anonymized. This guide will demonstrate how to change the display of anonymous posts within Blackboard.


If you are accessing a discussion board for a copied course for the first time, you will see a dialog box similar to the one above with the heading Set Author of Anonymous Posts.

  1. From the drop down menu, choose the desired option for setting the author of anonymous posts. The options include Not now. Ask again later; No, leave the messages as anonymous, or to set an instructor user as the author.
  2. Once you have made your desired selection, click the Submit button.  Note: setting an individual as the author sets every Thread as that author and is permanent.

Multiple Instructors – Setting Author of Anonymous Threads

  1. If you have multiple Instructors you should choose No, Leave the messages as anonymous, then each Thread can be edited to change the author.
  2. IMPORTANT: The name change for that thread has to be done by the desired instructor.

  3. For each thread click on the drop down chevron to see the Options Menu and chose the last option Change Author. The change will happen instantly and the author will change over to whomever selected Change Author.