Using the Kaltura Video Editor

Need to make a few simple edits to a lecture or office hours recording but don't want to use a complex video editing program? The Kaltura video editor allows you to easily edit your existing videos in Canvas without the need to download the video, edit in a separate program, and re-upload it to your course.

Common Scenarios:

  • Highlighting an item from an office hours session for use in the next week’s study materials. You can create a video clip from your office hours recording after it is automatically uploaded to your Kaltura My Media (by using cloud recording with your WSE Zoom account) and post the edited version directly to the relevant module, discussion board, or announcement.
  • Creating easier to digest targeted videos using an existing long lecture recording. Sharing short segments of existing videos allows you to easily direct students to the information they need without having to find it in the larger context. 
  • Removing small talk or 'dead air' from the beginning and/or end of office hours recordings.

Instructions for Creating a Clip

This guide begins in the My Media area of your Canvas course, for information on finding and/or adding the My Media module check out our Kaltura’s My Media and Media Gallery guide.

  1. From the My Media module, locate the video you wish to create a clip from and click the Edit button
  2. From the video details page that opens, click the Launch Editor button
  3. Using the timeline at the bottom or the controls in the video player find the section you wish to create a clip from
    Note: With longer videos you may wish to zoom in on the timeline to see it in more detail, use the slider labeled Timeline Zoom to scale the timeline
  4. Once you have determined where to start the clip, click the Set In (right facing [ bracket icon) option on the playhead, and Set Out (left facing ] bracket icon) at the end of the clip

Instructions for Splitting and Deleting a Clip

  1. Using the timeline at the bottom, locate and place the playhead in the location you would like to create a break in the video
  2. Click the Split option (scissor icon) to create the break in the videoScreen_Shot_2020-07-23_at_1.33.38_PM.png
  3. Once the split has been created, make sure the clip you wish to remove is highlighted in orange
  4. Click the Delete (Trash can icon) option to remove the clip you have highlighted


Note: repeat the process to remove any other clips (beginning and/or end) of your recording. When removing segments from a video you make sure you wish to save all items left on the timeline, as they will be merged in the final video.
In the above example, saving the video will result in a 39 second video after taking clips out of the original 61 second video.

Saving your Edits

  1. When you are satisfied with the edits you have made, press the Save a Copy button
    Note: It is very important to choose ‘Save a Copy‘ rather than ‘Save’, as this will create a new video whereas choosing ‘Save’ will replace the existing video with only your clip.
  2. Give your clip a title and click the Create button
  3. You may now exit the editor page and your newly created clip will appear (after processing) in your My Media gallery

Once you have created your clips you can add them to the relevant areas of your course in the same way you add the office hours recordings, which you can read more about in our article Add Zoom Meeting Recordings to Canvas.