Downloading a Discussion Thread in Blackboard

To save a copy of a discussion board thread for later reference, to print, or to easily read offline you can use Blackboard’s ‘Collect Discussion’ feature together with the ‘Print to PDF’ functionality of your internet browser.

To do this, go to the discussion board containing the thread and check the box next to the desired thread (1 in screenshot below), and then click the ‘Collect’  button (2).


From the Collection page that opens, you can organize the posts in a variety of ways, we recommend sorting by the original thread order. To do this, you will click Select All (3), Sort by Thread Order (4), and then press Print Preview (5).


In the print dialogue which comes up, select Print to PDF or Adobe PDF as your printer (6), the exact wording may vary depending on your browser and computer settings. Pressing print will then create a PDF file containing the discussion thread which you may save to your computer.