Using Kaltura Video Playlists in Blackboard

  1. Creating a Kaltura Playlist
  2. Embedding a Playlist in a Blackboard Item
  3. Editing an Existing Playlist

The playlist feature simplifies navigation, allowing students to access all module videos in one central location rather than scrolling through a long list within a Blackboard content folder.


Creating a Kaltura Playlist:

  1. Go to the course Media Gallery. Ensure your videos are added to the Media Gallery (see steps above).
  2. Click the Channel Actions button, and then click Create channel playlist
  3. Enter the playlist title, description and tags (eg: video author last name and course number) and click Add
  4. Click Add to playlist
  5. Select the media you wish to add to the playlist, depending on if you have added this to the course or not, you may need to change the drop-down menu selection (1) to Channel (2) which will display all videos added to the course media gallery. Click the + icon (3) next to each video you wish to add to the playlist
  6. Ensure the videos are displayed in the proper order. If they’re not in the proper order, you can reorder them using the drag-and-drop movie position icons to the left of the video title.
  7. When the playlist is complete and ordered correctly click Done (1) next to 'Add Items to Your Playlist', and then Save (2) to save/publish the playlist

Embedding a Kaltura Playlist in a Blackboard Item

  1. From the Media Gallery click the Channel Actions button and select Edit
  2. Click on the Playlists tab (1)
  3. On the row of the playlist you wish to embed click the Embed </> icon in the Actions column
  4. From the screen which pops up
    1. Select Horizontal from the 'Choose Player' drop-down
    2. Click Copy Embed to copy the html code
    3. Click Done to close this screen
    4. Paste the code into a text editor (recommended).
  5. Navigate to the Blackboard area in which you would like to embed the playlist.
  6. In the Blackboard horizontal navigation, click Build Content, and then click Item.
  7. Type a Name for the item (e.g., Module 1 Videos)
  8. Set the Color of Name to the Color value #0067ac and click Apply.
  9. In the Text editor, click the HTML button in the toolbar. The HTML code view window displays.
  10. In the HTML code view window, paste the embed code.
  11. Click Update. The blank video player frame displays in the text field.
  12. Click Submit. The playlist displays in the item you created.

Editing an Existing Playlist

In some cases you may need to add to or replace items in an existing playlist. This can be accomplished using the Course Media Gallery by following these steps:
Note: This must be done in the course in which the playlists were created, such as a Site Template.

  1. Navigate to the Media Gallery under the Course Tools section of the Course Management menu in your course
    1. If you are adding a new video follow the directions in the "Adding a Video From the Course Media Gallery" section of the Uploading a Video to Blackboard article
  2. From the Media Gallery click the Channel Actions button and select Edit
  3. Click on the Playlists tab (1)
  4. Click the Edit (pencil) icon on the row of the playlist you wish to edit
  5. Edit the playlist using the actions outlined in Section 1: Creating a Kaltura Playlist
  6. Once you have saved the playlist it will automatically update anywhere the playlist is embedded (eg: if you have already embedded a playlist in Module 3, after editing and clicking Save on the Module 3 Playlist, no further action is required)