MathType Quick Start Guide

MathType 7 licenses are only provided to WSE faculty currently in active course development with an assigned instructional designer, who will be able to arrange licensing for you. WSE instructors who are not currently in this process who need MathType should contact their academic program about licensing/funding. Alternatively, faculty can submit a request to have the MathType add-in installed on their WSE-licensed version of Microsoft Word and PowerPoint, or consider using our divisional license for EquatIO to create and edit math content.

Download and Install MathType 7 (Windows only)

  1. Copy the license key provided by your instructional designer to Notepad.
  2. Close Word and Powerpoint.
  3. Download the installer file from the following URL:
  4. Once the download is complete, navigate to the file’s location in your Downloads folder.
  5. Double click the installer file. Your operating system may prompt you with a security warning. Dismiss the warning, approve the installation, and follow onscreen prompts provided by the installer.
  6. Open Word. Navigate to the drop-down menu for MathType and double click to open the MathType menu.
  7. When the MathType dialogue box opens, go to the Help drop-down menu and select ‘Unlock/Register MathType.’ In the smaller dialogue box that opens, paste the license key into the ‘Product key’ field. Double click the update button.
  8. Close Word.
  9. MathType should now also be installed in PPT when you open it on the same computer. It appears as a dropdown item in the same way it appears in Word.

Request Microsoft 365 Add-In (Windows, Mac OS and iOS)

To request that MathType be added to your WSE-licensed versions of Microsoft Word and PowerPoint, submit a request to CLDT Support.

Introductory Tutorials: Using MathType to Write Equations

  1. From Word, double click on the MathType drop down menu and select Display. From the MathType dialogue box that opens, select the Help dropdown menu, then select MathType Tutorial. To access the tutorial directly go to:
  2. The complete introductory tutorial takes about 15 minutes. It is divided into the following sections:
    • Before You Start
    • Fractions and Square Roots
    • Working with Microsoft Word
    • Sums, Subscripts, and superscripts
    • Editing Old Equations
    • Link to More Advanced Tutorial Library
  1. Note that MathType works the same in Word and Powerpoint.
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