Scheduling Meetings For Other Zoom Users

Do you need to schedule meetings on behalf of other people in your organization or delegate your own meeting logistics to someone else? Then you may wish to use Zoom's Schedule Privilege option. Granting someone the ability to schedule a Zoom meeting on your behalf will also make them an alternative host, granting them the ability to start and host the meeting.

Important Note Before Starting

In order to schedule meetings for another person in Zoom, both users must be at JHU. You must know the email addresses associated with the Zoom accounts involved, this is the primary email address in the JH active directory, and may not be the email address you normally use or the JHED-ID.

You can find the correct email address by signing in to your WSE Zoom Profile and copy and pasting the address under Sign-In Email. This is the only email address which Zoom will recognize. For almost all WSE Zoom accounts this will be in the format

Scheduling privileges are granted by individuals, if you need to schedule meetings for someone make sure to send them your Zoom Sign-In email and have them follow the steps in the next section using that email address.

Granting Scheduling Privilege

  1. Sign in to your Zoom Profile and go to the Settings page
  2. Navigate to the Other section and scroll to Schedule Privilege
  3. Click the + icon next to Assign scheduling privilege to and enter the email address associated with the Zoom account you wish to grant scheduling privilege to and press Assign
    If the address is a valid account in the same instance, it will then display the email address below Assign scheduling privilege to, if it is not, an error will be given after pressing Assign, if this happens have the other user verify their Zoom email address as shown above and verify that they are also in the WSE Zoom instance.

Scheduling Meetings on Someone Else's Behalf

Once you have been granted scheduling privileges, you will see their Zoom account email address under I can schedule for in your profile settings. After receiving these privileges you will need to sign out of the Zoom app and then sign back in with your WSE Zoom account in order to schedule meetings on behalf of someone else.

The process of scheduling a meeting is the same as before, with the additional step of selecting the appropriate user.

  • On the web this is displayed as a drop down menu on the Schedule a Meeting page under the section Schedule For
  • In the Zoom app you can select who to schedule the meeting for by expanding the Advanced Options section at the bottom of the scheduling window
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