Sharing Media with MediaSpace

MediaSpace is the Whiting School of Engineering's online platform for educational video and multimedia content. It is available at Faculty and Staff can use MediaSpace to create, upload, share and publish video and audio.

Sharing Unlisted Media Links

Unlisted media links are links to media that are not published to any public channel on MediaSpace, but will allow anyone with the link to play the media. This is useful when you want to share videos outside of Canvas. You can share the video by linking to the media page or you can copy the embed link to use on a website.

To retrieve an unlisted link for your media:

  1. Login to MediaSpace
  2. Click on your name on the upper right and select My Media
  3. Find the media you would like to share and click on the title
  4. Click the Actions button and then select Publish
  5. Under Publishing Status, choose Unlisted. Now anyone with the link will be able to view the media.
  6. Click Save and Back
  7. Click the Share tab under the media title, then click Link to Media Page and copy the URL
  8. Paste the URL to an email, document, or website


Embedding Media

Media embed code will allow media to be embedded in web-based content so that it plays back in that page, rather than linking to the MediaSpace media page.

  •  Follow steps 1 - 6 above, but for step 7 choose embed instead of Link to Media Page.