WSE Instructional Studio Guide

This guide is intended to familiarize WSE faculty with the studio functionality, locations, and how to find training and support for delivering courses using the instructional studios. 


These studios are optimized for live online courses with three main components: AV Cart, Desk/Podium, and Whiteboard. To get a glimpse into what the studios can do and some of the early reception from faculty, watch this short JHU-produced video:

Studio Locations and Directions

WSE Instructional Studios are available on both the Homewood and APL campuses at the following locations:


    • Stieff Studio 108 (Homewood Campus): 1 Studio
    • Applied Physics Laboratory MP4 (APL Campus): 4 Studios

Maps and Directions

    • Homewood Campus

      • 800 Wyman Park Drive, Suite 110 Baltimore, MD 21211
    • APL MP4

Using the Studios

The WSE Instructional Studios were specifically designed with live online course delivery in mind. Each studio provides instructors with four common tools for content sharing: 1. HD camera capture, 2. Document camera, 3. Whiteboard camera, and 4. Digital annotation. All of these tools are controlled by the instructor via a touch controller on the desk. 

To help you prepare to deliver your course in the studio, here is a quick guide:

Main Studio Components

    • Desk/Podium


      a) Document Camera (IPEVO VZ-X): You can use the document camera to share detailed views of circuit boards, handwritten diagrams and equations, or anything else that fits on the desk.
      b) Zoom Rooms Controller (User Guide): This is your universal controller for the studio. From here you can start and control every aspect of your class.
      c) Interactive Touch Display (Huion Kamvas): This touch display allows you to annotate on content displayed on your laptop by connecting it to your laptop (see D).
      d) Laptop Share: You can choose to use either use wired or *wireless laptop sharing. This adapter allows you to instantly share your laptop screen to the meeting by plugging it into a port on your computer.
      *To share your computer wirelessly to the meeting you can either go to in a browser or open the Zoom app on your computer and click "Share Screen."
      e) Stylus for Touch Display: In order to annotate on content using the touch display, you will need to use this stylus. 


    • Studio Cart

      The studio cart provides the main displays, microphones, speakers, and lights for the studio. The content on the displays adjusts automatically depending on how many participants are in the meeting and whether or not content is being shared to the meeting. 

      a) Gallery View (if more than 1 participant)
      b) Active Speaker (or Content, if content is being shared)
      c) Content (or Active Speaker, if content is not being shared)
      d) HD Camera: HD camera that can be controlled (zoom, pan, tilt) from the touch controller on the desk.
      e) Speakers: High quality speakers so you can clearly hear meeting participants and content. Volume can be controlled from touch controller on desk. 
      f) Microphones: Stereo pair of shotgun microphones capture crisp audio, while allowing you to move freely.
      g) Lighting: Professional LED light panels provide consistent, even light for your class.

    • Whiteboard & Whiteboard Camera


      a) Whiteboard Camera (Kaptivo): The whiteboard camera removes glare, shadow, and other artifacts, allowing you to share a clean, high definition image of your writing. The whiteboard can be easily shared through the touch controller on the desk. 
      b) Whiteboard: Every studio comes with a 6' x 4' whiteboard.

Zoom Rooms Controller

The tablet on the desk is your remote control for the whole studio. From here you can control cameras, audio, manage participants, view incoming chat, and more. 

Training, Support and Scheduling

We have tech support staff in each building assigned to help you with any issues during your time in the studios.

To schedule an instructional studio for your class or other teaching needs log in to the JHU studio booking page with your JHED ID using the Log In button in the lower left, and then click the '+' (Make a new booking) button in the lower right.

For training or advanced support needs please reach out to and we will respond as soon as possible.


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