Copying and Pasting Content in the Blackboard Text Editor

When adding text to a Blackboard content item, it is best to write directly in the textbox rather than copying and pasting from another source. If you do need to copy and paste content from another source to add to the classroom, it is recommended that you use the Remove Formatting tool in Blackboard. This tool will allow you to clean up the text when it is pasted in to a classroom content item. Then you will be able to re-apply formatting with the other text editor tools that are available.

Copying and Pasting Content

  1. Highlight the text in the source you are copying from, and right click to select the copy function, or press CTRL + C (Command + C on Macs)
  2. Go to the area in Blackboard where you want to past the text, and follow the steps needed to edit or create an item
  3. Click in to the text box, and then press CTRL + V (Command + V on Macs) to paste your copied content


Remove Formatting

  1. Press CTRL + A to select all of the text in the text box
    Alternatively, you can click and drag to select certain parts of the text - but when using this method, be sure to be consistent so there are not major formatting differences
  2. If you do not see the erase tool icon, click the double arrow icon to extend the toolbar
  3. With the desired text highlighted, click the eraser tool icon on the text editor toolbar


Add Bold/Italics/Underline

  1. Highlight the text that you want to make a formatting adjustment to
  2. Click on the button to either apply bold, italics, or underlined formatting to the text


Want to learn more? To read more about using the other features of the Blackboard text editor, you can review their instructions for working with text and adding tables.