Using LaTeX in Blackboard Text Editor

If a faculty member or student would prefer to use LaTeX code in order to typeset mathematical formulas and equations within Blackboard (as an alternative to using the built-in Math Editor), they can do so with the assistance of MathJax. MathJax uses Javascript to convert LaTeX code into MathML, allowing for the content to be text-based rather than image-based when posted to the course site. It can be applied for use in the following Blackboard areas: content items, blank pages, module pages, tests and surveys, blog entries, wiki entries and glossary entries. 

How to use MathJax in Blackboard content

  1. Go to the area in Blackboard where you want to use LaTeX, and follow the steps needed to edit or create an item
  2. In the text editor for the item, click the option to edit the HTML, which will cause a pop-up window to appear
  3. Enter the following code in to the empty HTML box, and then click Update
    <script src="" async="" type="text/javascript"></script>
  4. In the empty text editor box, write or copy/paste your LaTeX code to create the intended mathematical content, and then click Submit
    Please note: MathJax will only respond to the mathematical content; if you would like to format content in addition to populating it via MathJax, that would need to be done with regular HTML commands. Additionally, if you include other portions of basic text in the item, you can use the built-in Blackboard formatting tools to adjust that text.

Want to learn more? To read more about using LaTeX in Blackboard content areas, you can review the LaTeX Support page. You can also read more about using the built-in Math Editor in Blackboard, if you would like to know more about that alternative.