Zoom Cloud Recordings

WSE Policy on Zoom Cloud Recordings
Recordings will be deleted 365 days after they were first made in Zoom due to limited cloud storage and internal security policies.

For course recordings, it is acceptable to share the Zoom recording links with students in your course. In order to share these recordings in future courses, you must first remove any identifying information of students. Zoom cloud recordings must be either password protected or require log in to access. For class recordings or recordings that you would like to keep longer than a year please see below:

Your Zoom Cloud recordings can be shared in a number of ways, depending on your preferences and needs.

  • Zoom recordings can be shared using the Share Link found in your WSE Zoom profile, this is the most flexible option, allowing you to share with different audiences by changing the privacy settings for the link as well as being platform agnostic (may be emailed, texted, etc). More information on sharing Zoom recording links can be found in our article Sharing WSE Zoom Recording Links.
  • The Zoom LTI can be used for term specific class recordings (such as office hours sessions or virtual lectures) you intend to share in Canvas. More information on publishing and sharing cloud recordings in the Zoom LTI can be found in our Zoom LTI Pro article.
  • Panopto hosts lecture videos and other content which is used for more than one term. Your Zoom meetings can be synchronized with your Canvas course's Panopto folder and made available to students automatically after recording is completed. To set this up you will need to set the Panopto tracking field in the settings of your Zoom meeting, more information can be found on the CTEI page Auto Upload from Zoom to Panopto.
    • These recordings may be posted anywhere in Canvas that the Rich Content Editor is found, such as Pages and Discussions. Information about adding Panopto videos to Canvas can be found in our article Adding Videos to Canvas.

Manage your cloud recordings

Log in to your Zoom account and select Recordings from the left-hand menu, then select Cloud Recordings. Here you can download and/or delete your recorded cloud meetings. 

Note that all cloud recordings are subject to a 365 day retention policy. Always download important recordings and store them for permanent retention if you aren't sharing them through Canvas with Panopto.


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