Zoom Cloud Recordings

WSE Policy on Zoom Cloud Recordings:
Recordings will be deleted 365 days after they were first made in Zoom due to limited cloud storage and internal security policies.

For course recordings, it is acceptable to share the Zoom recording links with students in your course. In order to share these recordings in future courses, you must first remove any identifying information of students. Zoom cloud recordings must be either password protected or require log in to access. For class recordings or recordings that you would like to keep longer than a year please see below:

WSE Homewood Instructors: You are encouraged to record Zoom meetings to the cloud and auto sync between Zoom and Panopto. This guide will walk you through the setup: https://ctei.jhu.edu/tools-and-tech/panopto-zoom-auto-upload. For help with the automatic synchronization between Zoom and Panopto please email us at cldtsupport@jhu.edu. For Panopto questions please reach out to The Center for Teaching Excellence and Innovation, contact ctei@jhu.edu

EP Instructors: Your Zoom Cloud recordings can be automatically uploaded to Kaltura, which is our video management platform. Kaltura or the Zoom LTI should be used for all class recordings you are sharing in Canvas, Kaltura should be used for any recordings you plan on needing longer than a year. To activate this for your Zoom meetings please see our guide on Adding Zoom recordings to Canvas: Adding Zoom Cloud Recordings to Canvas


Manage your cloud recordings

Log in to your Zoom account and select Recordings from the left-hand menu, then select Cloud Recordings. Here you can download and/or delete your recorded cloud meetings. 

Note that all cloud recordings are subject to a 365 day retention policy. Always download important recordings and store them for permanent retention if you aren't sharing them through Canvas with Panopto or Kaltura.