Faculty, Student, and Staff Email at WSE

All JHU faculty, staff, and students have Microsoft Outlook/Exchange Online accounts for their @jhu.edu email, which can be accessed through the my.JH page or directly though outlook.com, using their JHED credentials.

Instructions for configuring your JHU-WSE email account, including setting up iOS and Android clients, can be found on this WSE IT page: Configuring Microsoft Exchange Online (Office 365 Email).

Guidance on email depending on your affiliation/role within WSE

Email use and policy may depend on an individual's role within the organization. Please see the following sections for more information based on your affiliation/role.


Information about using Hopkins email as a student can be found on this Student Affairs page: Student Email.

WSE Faculty/Staff

Information on setting up a new (or existing) email account for WSE personnel can be found on this page: IT information for those new to JHU / WSE.

The use of personal email accounts (including the redirecting or forwarding of JHU email) for official University business can create a myriad of problems beyond that of confusion between personal and business communications.

In order to avoid privacy, security, and other potential issues, Whiting School of Engineering requires all faculty (and recommends all students) use their provided @jhu.edu or @jhuapl.edu email accounts for all official University business.

APL Personnel

Information about how to use your jhuapl.edu email account with Office 365 and your JHED email can be found in this article: Redirecting Email inside Johns Hopkins and APL.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

  • Why don’t I see all of my email?
    If you redirect or forward your mail to a cloud-based email account (e.g. gmail), you are probably correct that you are not seeing everything from your @jhu.edu address. This is intentional and by design of the sending organization (NSF, NIH, etc) — it is not a bug, and is not a problem that can be fixed. It is a protection, increasingly deployed across the internet, against the kind of spoofed emails that underlie phishing attacks. The sending organization is telling Google not to trust email from its users that doesn’t come directly from its servers, and to delete that email because it isn’t authentic.
    The only way to be sure you are seeing all the email sent to your university email address is to use the official Microsoft Outlook account rather than forwarding to an external service.
  • How do I add an additional email in Canvas as a contact method? https://community.canvaslms.com/t5/Student-Guide/How-do-I-add-an-additional-email-address-as-a-contact-method-in/ta-p/412 
  • Why can’t I log into my email account?
    Your JHU email account login information is your JHED ID (in the form JHEDID@jh.edu) and password. If your JHED password has expired then you will not be able to access your Microsoft Outlook/Exchange Online account. Remember that you will need to reconfigure any mobile device(s) when you update your JHED password.
    For assistance resetting your JHED password please contact the JHU IT Help Desk, which you can reach at (410) 516-HELP. 
  • What happens to my JHU email when I graduate?
    • After graduation you retain access to your JHED account and associated services for 180 days, after which they will be deactivated. You will have access to a JHU alumni email address, where your jhed@jhu.edu email will be forwarded, though it will not contain the contacts or messages in your JHU student email account. More information about alumni email and what happens with your JHED ID after graduation can be found at the JHU Alumni Association website.

Additional FAQs can be found here: https://johnshopkins.service-now.com/kb_view.do?sysparm_article=KB0012490

Need further assistance?

Contact JHU IT who manages the university email accounts. They can be reached by accessing the my.JH page.

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