Sharing WSE Zoom Recording Links

When using Cloud Recording with your Zoom account you have the option to share the recording using a link from Zoom. This article will show you where to find these links and outline the recommended settings for sharing the recordings with students.

Locating Zoom Share Links

Zoom cloud recording share links can be found in both the emails sent by Zoom after a recording processes and on your Zoom web profile.

Note: Recordings will only be available to the creator/owner of a meeting. Alternative hosts will only receive an email with the share/viewing link and will not be able to manage share settings or see the recordings in the web portal.

The Zoom Recordings Page

You can access all of your cloud recordings, download and manage their settings from the Recordings tab on your WSE Zoom profile.

Share recordings by:

  1. Clicking the Share button next to the appropriate meeting recording


  2. Clicking Copy Sharing Information to copy the meeting title and url to your clipboard

    Note: The above settings (all options disabled except for Viewers can see transcript and Share this recording: Only Authenticated users in Johns Hopkins SSO can view) are the WSE recommendations, this ensures only Hopkins affiliates will be able to view the recording.

Email Notifications

After the cloud recording has processed, Zoom will send an email to the address registered as the account name (for WSE Zoom account holders this will be your address). Within the email are links to:

  1. The WSE Zoom page from which you may manage the recording
  2. The share link to send to students

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