Using the AEFIS Syllabus

AEFIS (Assessment, Evaluation, Feedback & Intervention System) is a web-based assessment management platform. This system includes a syllabus management tool that helps maintain consistency of standard information across courses and programs, and aids in streamlining accreditation processes. For faculty, it simplifies the process for creating and editing the course syllabus, and helps to ensure that the most up-to-date policy language is being used.

Important Reminder: Some information (including faculty name and email address) will be imported in to your syllabus automatically from SIS. Prepare your Syllabus well-ahead of students being granted access, to make sure everything is accurate and give yourself time to make any necessary system updates. See our FAQ to find more information on how to update these details.

Table of Contents:

Adding AEFIS to Blackboard

If you do not already see the Syllabus link with the AEFIS logo next to it in your course, you will need to add it to the course site by following these steps:

  1. Go to the area of the classroom where your Syllabus will be posted, and click Tools > More Tools > AEFIS Tools
    Note: If AEFIS Tools is not available in the menu, check to make sure that the box next to it is checked on the Tool Availability page.
  2. Change the Link Name to Syllabus
  3. Change Color of Name to color value 0067ac
  4. After making all of the necessary changes, click Submit to create the link in your course.

Editing the Syllabus

Syllabi will be automatically published on the first day of the term. If you do not complete your edits before that date, students will be shown an incomplete Syllabus. Though AEFIS does allow you to make edits to the Syllabus after it has been published and made available to students, you should avoid making extensive edits once the course has started.

Important note: When copying and pasting from an existing syllabus, it is best to convert any PDF syllabi to Word format first. Copying and pasting directly from a PDF is more likely to result in formatting errors in the AEFIS syllabus form.

  1. Click the Syllabus link that was created with the AEFIS tool.
  2. On the Syllabus landing page in AEFIS, click the Edit button.
  3. Fill out all Required and University Recommended elements where an editable text box is present. Optional elements can be filled out at your discretion, but will not appear to students if not used. Other details (such as course description and the faculty name and contact information) will automatically populate from SIS.
    Note: Anything that is not editable and is marked as University Recommended is standard text that will automatically appear on your syllabus.
  4. Click the Save & Exit button to save your changes.

Preview, Publish, Reset

Once you have populated the template and made your edits, you will have other options become available after submitting/saving.

  • Preview your syllabus by clicking Export and selecting Preview from the dropdown menu.
    Please note: this option must be used to preview the syllabus. Attempting to preview it view the Student Preview in Blackboard will not work.
  • Publish your syllabus by clicking the Publish button.
  • Resetting your syllabus will give you a fresh template to edit. Click the Reset button to do this. It cannot be undone.


In the Export menu, you will also be given the option to Print or save your syllabus as a PDF/Word file for your own records.

Copy the Syllabus

If the course you are teaching has multiple sections taught by other faculty, we recommend collaborating with them prior to editing your syllabus, in order to have some standard syllabus language across sections. To allow for easier maintenance across course sections and academic terms, there is a copy function (Actions > Copy From) that allows you to copy your edited syllabus from one course section to another, or from one semester to another.


Frequently Asked Questions

How do I change my name or email address in my syllabus?

If you need to make an update to your Preferred First Name or Default Email so they appear correctly on your syllabus, you can do so in your profile on myJH. Once the change is made, you should see it come through to your AEFIS Syllabus in 24 hours.



How do I update course details that are importing from SIS, such as the course description or prerequisites?

Confirm with other faculty and program chairs that the change should be made, and then email to request that SIS be updated.

My students can't see the syllabus link in the classroom. How do I make it visible to them?

If the link has been created and the syllabus has been set up, there could be two reasons that it cannot be seen by students:

  • The AEFIS tool is not turned on. You can tell this is the issue because there will be a grey box with a line through it next to the Syllabus link:
    To resolve this, check to make sure that the box next to AEFIS Tools it is checked on the Tool Availability page.
  • The syllabus is not Published. To resolve this, go in to the syllabus and click the Publish button.

Additional Resources

This interactive guide walks you through the steps of creating and publishing the AEFIS syllabus within Blackboard.