Taking a Proctored Exam via Zoom

Please refer to your instructor for specific exam instructions.

  1. Students should join the Zoom meeting before the start of the exam. Microphone and camera should be turned On. (all students must have a working webcam or mobile device camera - you can go here to test to make sure your audio and camera works prior to the day of the exam: Visit http://zoom.us/test.
    • Students can use any device as long as video can be turned On - computer, tablet, phone.
    • Please make sure to turn off virtual background if it is turned On.
    • Make sure to turn off or silence any other devices that are in the room. No calls or text messages are permitted during the exam.
    • You should be in a quiet room since you will be taking an exam and your microphone will be On.
    • Make sure you have a reliable internet connection and whichever device you are using to join Zoom with is plugged in for power.
  2. Students need to make sure their webcam is positioned so that there is a full view of their work area (hands should be visible during the exam).



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