Blackboard Rich Text Editor Feature Guide

An upgrade to Blackboard Learn brings an updated look to the content text editor. It provides a more simplified and intuitive experience, and it works better on both hand-held devices and larger screens. There are several improvements for accessibility and some new features. Some icons have been updated along with some behaviors. We will highlight some of these for you. 

You will see the new text editor anywhere you edit content in Blackboard: such as Announcements, Discussions, Assignment Instructions, Test Questions, etc. The size of the text editor will automatically scale on the page to fit the content. Students will also see this new text editor.



Some of the icons in the new toolbar have changed. If you are unsure of what the icon means hover over with your mouse to see the title displayed. For a full comparison see Blackboard Detailed Comparison of New Content Editor. The following table provides a quick reference comparison of the old and new icons for certain key features:

Tool Old Icon New Icon

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Math Equation Screen_Shot_2022-01-05_at_4.14.40_PM.png Screen_Shot_2022-01-05_at_4.06.30_PM.png
Add File, Image, or Video Screen_Shot_2022-01-05_at_4.14.17_PM.png




Add Mashups (Kaltura, Youtube, etc) Screen_Shot_2022-01-05_at_4.14.29_PM.png




HTML editor / Source Code Screen_Shot_2022-01-05_at_4.14.51_PM.png Screen_Shot_2022-01-05_at_4.16.24_PM.png  or Screen_Shot_2022-01-05_at_4.24.02_PM.png
Symbols / Special Character Screen_Shot_2022-01-05_at_4.26.47_PM.png Screen_Shot_2022-01-05_at_4.27.01_PM.png