Blackboard Access Expiring: How to Save and Store Content

Table of Contents:

As of December 1, 2022, faculty and students will no longer have access to Blackboard.

In our transition from Blackboard to Canvas we migrated content that you will need to continue running your course in future semesters. Any content that was not migrated will be archived by JH@IT before Blackboard expires, but the archives and their contents will not be accessible by faculty and cannot be restored to a learning management system. If you would like to archive files, recordings, or other items from a Blackboard course to keep for your records before losing access, you will need to save and store those materials manually, in a FERPA compliant location such as OneDrive.

If you have any questions about the retiring of our Blackboard instance or archiving items from your courses, please reach out to the help desk at

Content Files 

Many content items in Blackboard can be downloaded and saved on your local device. To archive an individual file, like a PDF or PowerPoint slide deck, find the item in the course and click to open it. Depending on your browser settings, the file may automatically download or open in a new tab.  

If the latter occurs, a download button will display, allowing you to save the file on your device.  

These files can also be downloaded from the course Content Collection. In the course Control Panel, click to expand the Content Collection item and select the course ID (i.e., EN.123.456.81.SP22).  


You can select multiple boxes for whatever files you want to save, and then click the Download Package button. This will download a ZIP file containing all the items you marked to save in the Content Collection.



Recordings embedded in your course via the Kaltura Mashup tool will continue to be hosted in Kaltura and therefore do not need to be archived.

If a recording was uploaded directly to Blackboard without using the recommended Kaltura integration, you will need to download a copy to preserve it. That can be done from the Content Collection.

Exporting a Course 

If you are interested in backing up up the entirety of your Blackboard course site (with the exception of student submissions, which are not contained in the export), you can create a common cartridge. This will allow you to import the contents of the course in any LMS that supports the standardized common cartridge format.  

  1. In the Control Panel, click to expand the Packages and Utilities section. Next, click Export/Archive Course
  2. On the Export/Archive Course page, click Export Package.

  3. On the Export Course page, select both options to include copies of files outside of the course directory under File Attachments, and then click Select All (or your preferences) under Course Materials. When you are ready to export the content, click Submit.


  4. This will trigger an automated Blackboard process. Keep the browser tab with the Export/Archive Course page open while waiting for a confirmation email from Blackboard. 
  5. Once the process is complete, you will receive the confirmation email from Blackboard indicating the export file is ready for download.
  6. Return to the open tab with the Export/Archive Course page open and click Refresh. After the page refreshes, you will see the export file.


  7. Click on the file name to download the file, and save it to your OneDrive. If you ever need to restore the contents in another LMS, you will need this file.  

It’s important to archive items before the December 1, 2022, deadline, as no access will be granted after that date 

Student Submissions

Exporting your course will not package any student data or submissions along with your course content - saving student data must be done manually. Blackboard allows you to batch download assignment submissions and export the grade center from a course.

Important: If instructors choose to download student data, it must be stored in OneDrive, which is a FERPA-compliant storage area. OneDrive allows each user to store up to 5 terabytes. 

For more information on how to save student data from Blackboard, review this guide from JH@IT.