Enrolling users in Canvas course sites

Important Note: To comply with FERPA, financial aid, and other compliance issues, any user who will be listed in SIS as participating in a course either as Teacher or Student will not be able to be enrolled by admins or instructors. Users who have been (or will be) enrolled via SIS should not be temporarily enrolled in to the course as any other role, as it will cause problems for their account when the SIS enrollment comes through.

If a user is enrolled in a course via SIS, it can take up to 24 hours for that enrollment to show in Canvas. If you have any questions about enrollment issues, please contact CLDTsupport@jhu.edu.

Overview of Roles and Permissions

Roles Enrollment Type Permissions Appropriate For
Teacher Automatic, from SIS

Access all course content, manipulate course content, and grades

Can enroll other users: Guest facilitator, TA, Grader, Designer, Observer

Any Faculty listed as teaching the course in SIS
Student Automatic, from SIS Access all published course content, Submit assignments and quizzes, Participate on the discussion board, View their own grades Any students listed as enrolled in the course in SIS
TA Manual, by Faculty or Admin Access all course content and manipulate course content and grades Teaching Assistants, Graders who need access to edit course content and participate in Discussions, and Guest Faculty for whom the Guest Facilitator role will not suffice
Grader Manual, by Faculty or Admin View all published course content but not edit, and update grades Graders who do not need access to edit course content or participate in Discussions
Guest Facilitator Manual, by Faculty or Admin View all published course content but not edit, post to the discussion board, see the People tab and email those in the class Guest Faculty who do not need access to edit content or see all Unpublished content
Waitlisted Student* Manual, by Admin Can submit assignments and quizzes, but not participate in the discussions, message other students in the class, or view announcements Only students who have been waitlisted in SIS but will ultimately be added as students and need immediate access
Designer* Manual, by Faculty or Admin Can access and edit all course content, but cannot access the grade book Instructional Designers or other users who need to be able to see and edit all course content but not interact with or see students
Observer* Manual, by Faculty or Admin Can view course content that is published Guest Presenters and any user who needs to view Published content but not see Unpublished content or any student information

*FERPA Safe Roles: These are the best roles to use for any users who should not have access to student data or grade information within the course

Enrolling Users

  1. Navigate to your course menu and locate ‘People’
  2. After you have clicked on ‘People,’ you will see a ‘+People’ button on the right side of the screen.
  3. Choose Add User by SIS ID.  At JHU, this is our JHED ID.
  4. Enter the JHED ID (such as flast1) in the SIS IDs (required) field.  You only need to enter the JHED such as flast1. If you are entering multiple users, they should be separated by a comma.
  5. Choose the appropriate role, such as Teaching Assistant.
    Reminder: any users who will be enrolled as Teachers or Students via SIS should not be enrolled in to the course site via any other roles. You will need to wait for the sync between SIS and Canvas to see those enrollments.

  6. Click ‘Next.’ 

    Important Note: If you see an error that says "We were unable to find the matches below," do not click Next again. Click 'Back' to enter the JHED again and double check that you have entered it correctly.

  7. If the users you are adding are found in the system without issue, click ‘Add Users’ to complete the process.
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