Adding Videos to Canvas

Videos in courses at the Whiting School's Engineering for Professionals program will be uploaded to Canvas using the Panopto app. The benefits to uploading this way include better playability on mobile devices and improved streaming for students with weaker internet connections, as well as easier captioning, editing, and video player controls.

Note: Videos must be added to courses using the tools recommended by your school and should not be added to the Files area or by using the Document tool in Canvas.

Adding a Video to a Content Area

The simplest way to upload a video to Canvas is to use the tool in the Rich Content Editor (RCE). The process will be the same in most areas of the course which use the content editor, such as Pages, Announcements, and Discussions.

  1. From the content editor, select the Panopto Video icon.

    • If the icon does not appear:
      • It may be hidden due to page scaling, select the vertical three dot More item to expand the menu.
      • If the Panopto icon is not present in the menu bar select the Apps item and then Panopto Video from the list.
  2. This will open the Panopto media interface within the page (it may take a moment to load).
    1. To add a new video from your computer, click Upload.

      1. Drag and drop or click to select a file from your computer to upload - it will begin processing immediately, and you can click to adjust the Video Embed Options as needed.
    2. To add an existing video which has already been uploaded, such as a video synchronized from a Zoom recording, click Choose
      1. If you do not see the video you wish to embed you may need to navigate to the folder it is contained within (such as a previous term's course site). Click on the text box above Choose/Upload/Record and either navigate the folder structure or begin typing the name of the folder, clicking on the appropriate folder when it appears in the list.

      2. Once you have located the appropriate video, select it by clicking on it.
  3. If you have uploaded a new video, once the video has finished uploading, the progress bar will indicate completion and you can click the Insert button. If adding an existing video, you may click the insert button right away. The page will refresh, and you will see the video embedded in Canvas.
  4. Add any other content to the RCE as needed, and then click Save & Publish to make viewable to students.
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