Add Zoom Meeting Recordings to Canvas

Zoom Meetings at WSE which are cloud-recorded may be added to your Canvas course using the Kaltura Media feature. This article will show you how to enable this for your meetings and add the recordings to your course site.

Before recording Zoom Meetings in your classes, please see the article Zoom Recording Best Practices for Privacy.

1. Synchronizing Your Zoom Recordings

The synchronization is enabled on a per-meeting basis. Only Zoom meetings to which you add the Kaltura feature will be available in your Canvas account. We recommend adding this to your Virtual Live meetings and other important sessions before the first session. The steps to add the Kaltura feature are as follows:

  1. Create or Edit an existing meeting in either the desktop application or from your WSE Zoom profile.
    Note: If editing an existing recurring meeting, be sure to select Edit All Occurrences to synchronize each iteration of the meeting.
  2. On the meeting schedule/edit page, in the Options section, click 'Show' to reveal additional options.
  3. Enter in the Alternative Hosts field (the name should appear as you type, and you can then click on it to add it).
  4. Click Save at the bottom of the page. After saving the meeting you can verify the meeting has the correct settings by looking for in the Alternative Hosts field on the meeting details page.

2. Adding Zoom Recordings to Content Areas

Kaltura videos can be added to any area of the course which uses the Rich Text Editor, such as Content Items or Discussion Posts, by using the Embed Kaltura Media button, represented by a circle made up of multi-colored lines.

  1. Open the Add Content menu in the Rich Text Editor by clicking the Kaltura icon inside.
  2. If the icon does not appear:
    • It may be hidden due to page scaling, select the vertical three dot More item to expand the menu
    • If the Kaltura icon is not present in the menu bar select the Apps item and then Embed Kaltura Media from the list
  3. Once selected, this will open Kaltura's My Media, browse for the appropriate recording (your most recent recording, your most recently processed recording will appear at the top of the list) and click Embed on the recording you wish to add.
  4. The video will now appear in the text box and you may publish or save as needed to complete the process.

3. Adding Zoom Recordings to the Kaltura Media Gallery

You may also use the Media Gallery tool to display videos rather than adding them to content areas. In order to add the Media Gallery tool and populate it with videos, follow these steps:

  1. Go to your Canvas course.
  2. Under Settings > Navigation, move Media Gallery up to the visible section, under Grades.
  3. Add your Zoom recordings to your course media area.
    a) Click Add Media.
    b) Select the video you want to add.
    c) Click Publish.
    Optionally you can give it a name and description.