Panopto Video in Canvas

Course videos in Canvas are uploaded using the Panopto Video tool. Panopto Video is also an area on the course menu where you can access, edit, and add new videos associated with your course.

More information about how to use the features of Panopto Video can be found in the following articles:

Accessing Panopto Video in Canvas

Panopto Video is available at the course level, as a course navigation menu item. From within your Canvas course, look for the Panopto Video link:

The first time you access Panopto, Canvas may ask present a dialogue box asking to grant JHU Panopto Video access to your account, click 'Authorize' to use the tool.

If you do not see Panopto Video on your course menu, you can add it by going to Settings > Navigation and dragging Panopto Video up to the visible course navigation items area. Be sure to click the Save button after making this change, otherwise the tool will not be added to your menu.

Navigating Panopto Video

When you access Panopto Video from Canvas, you will initially see the folder for that course, and any contents that have been uploaded to the course site.

Please note that for all WSE EP courses, the majority of lecture videos do not exist in these course folders. To see the Main Content folder for the course or any other folders that exist for the course in Panopto, click the folder location, and begin typing in the course ID.

Once you have entered the course ID, you should see the other folders that exist for the course. The one that includes "Main Content" in the title is where the majority of your course lectures can be found. This allows them to be viewed across terms, and not just in the course where they were initially uploaded.

Selecting/Moving/Deleting Videos

Once you locate the video entry you wish to engage with, you can click on the video thumbnail or title to go to the entry and watch it. You can also begin selecting videos to share, copy (not recommended), move, or delete.

Note: Be very careful when using the delete function, as there is no undo button, a video is gone after deletion. We recommend removing the video from the course area in which it has been posted rather than deleting the entry.

Additional Panopto Resources

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