Recording and Uploading Videos For Your Class (Student Guide)

In your studies, your instructor may ask you to record and upload a video—whether it be a presentation, introduction to yourself, or something else. The best option to do this utilizes Panopto, an online video platform integrated into Canvas for recording, uploading, and sharing videos in a course. 

Videos may be recorded using a variety of tools, including Zoom and Panopto. This page will go over the steps for uploading a video as well as recording one using the Panopto Capture tool.

Sharing Panopto videos with your class

In Canvas, regardless if you are submitting an Assignment or replying to a Discussion, the options for how you can submit videos remain consistent. For an Assignment, you will see these options under Text Entry. In a discussion, the options will appear above your reply field.

  1. In the Rich Text Editor, click the Panopto Video button:

  2. You will be presented with a few options including Choose, Upload, and Record, in each case you will need to click on the first text field, begin typing the Course ID (for example EN.555.555.81.SP24) and select the option which comes up with [assignments] in the name before proceeding:
    1. If uploading a video recorded using another program, select "Upload" and either drag the video file into the box, or click on it to browse for the video.
    2. If you already recorded/uploaded the video to your course's assignment folder, you can find it under the "Choose" option
    3. To record a video, choose "Record" and use the Panopto Capture workflow below beginning with step 4
  3. After selecting the video and pressing Insert you will see the media show up embedded in the text entry area. Click Post Reply for a Discussion or Submit Assignment for an Assignment.

You have successfully shared your video with your instructor or instructor and peers, depending on the requirements for activity or assessment.

Panopto Capture Recorder

The following guide demonstrates how to:

  • Download the Panopto Capture Recorder
  • Record using Panopto Capture, Save and Upload recording to Panopt

Download the Panopto Capture Recorder

  1. In your Canvas course, click Panopto Video on the course menu.
  2. Open the folder named in the format Course ID [assignments] (eg: EN.555.555.81.SP24 Course Name [assignments])
  3. Click Create.
  4. Select Panopto for Windows/Mac.
  5. The Panopto Capture Desktop Recorder installation list will pop-up. From here, simply download the Windows or Mac version that is appropriate for your system.
  6. Follow the steps to install the program once an option is selected.

You have now successfully downloaded the Panopto Capture Desktop Recorder. Search for Panopto Capture on your machine to launch the application.

Recording your video with Panopto

  1. When you open Panopto Capture you will see the toolbar, which includes a red record button as well as dropdown menus for selecting the screen you’d like to record and the webcam and the microphone you’d like to use. You can disable any of these inputs by toggling them on or off with a check mark.

    NOTE: If you have a computer with more than one monitor, make sure that the screen selected for recording is the one that will have the full presentation window, not the “Presenter View” with notes and presentation controls.

  2. The Manage Recordings tab in the player will open up a menu where you can view or edit your recorded videos, and the Settings tab allows you to adjust your recording settings.
  3. When you are ready to record, click the red circle Record button.

    NOTE: You can also pause the recording with the red pause button. You may cancel the recording with the gray X. The microphone icon will mute and unmute your microphone, and the pencil icon opens up annotation tools.

  4. When you have finished recording, click the grey square Stop button.
  5. After you've finished recording, add a title to your video under Title field.
  6. Then click Save & Upload.
  7. Your video will process and appear in your Panopto Video page in Canvas.
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