Submitting Grades in Canvas

Faculty enter grades online for the fall, spring, and summer terms by going to SIS. If you are not familiar with SIS, follow this web-based tutorial.

Important: Please note that the option to import grades from Canvas directly will be available beginning in the Fall 2022 semester. Until then, please enter your grades manually or import them via Excel using the instructions provided below.

Quick Guide

  1. Open a web browser and go to
  2. Click Sign In
    You should see your course(s) listed with the option to Import from Excel or Canvas.
  3. To import from Excel, first download your course roster from SIS. This roster should include the SIS IDs and an empty grade column for each student.

    Then, export your gradebook from Canvas, and enter the Final Grades from the gradebook into the course roster that was downloaded from SIS. Review the updated course roster file to ensure that the appropriate grades have been associated with each students. If any Hopkins IDs are showing differently due to Excel auto-formatting, change the column format to Text and re-enter the correct ID before uploading.

    Save the file as a .CSV file. Upload the updated course roster file by clicking Excel from the import options, and selecting the .CSV file from your computer.

    To import from Canvas, click on Canvas under grade import, then select your Final Grade column.

  4. Click import grades
    You will then receive a confirmation view where you can verify that you have imported the grades successfully and that the grades are accurate.
    SIS View
  5. Click Post to Registrars to submit your grades

At the end of each term, instructors are required to submit grades to the university registrar through the SIS system within 72 hours of the last scheduled class meeting. If you cannot meet the 72 hour deadline, you should contact the relevant registrar:

Faculty using Canvas may import grades directly into SIS. Use your JHED login and password to log into SIS. For further information about submitting grades, requesting a grade change request, or requesting a grader for your course, view our guidelines​.