Using EquatIO for Accessible Math

About EquatIO

Johns Hopkins Engineering has licensed access to the EquatIO equation editor for the development and delivery of course materials. EquatIO is available as an extension for the Chrome browser as well as software for Windows and Mac, and includes the following features:

  • Conversion of embedded equation images to MathML or LaTeX
  • Conversion of handwritten math
  • Conversion of spoken math
  • Integration with Desmos graphing calculator
  • Natural language predictive equation entry
  • Direct LaTeX input support
  • Support for chemistry

Get Started

Johns Hopkins Engineering instructors can access a licensed version of EquatIO by following these steps:

  1. Request a license by contacting us.
  2. Download EquatIO for Windows or Mac.
  3. Select "Sign in with Microsoft."
    EquatIO sign in with Microsoft
    EquatIO will open a tab in your browser asking you to sign into Microsoft (Note: you may need to move the EquatIO modal out of the way to sign in). 
    Moving image showing EquatIO modal being moved in order to access browser sign in
  4. Enter your and follow the typical JH Single Sign-On (SSO) process. After you successfully authenticate, EquatIO will launch as an overlay on your desktop.

Download EquatIO Install Chrome Extension



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